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Innovating European Education: Open Schooling as a Boost for Europe's Skills

A Policy Brief by the Open Schooling Network (that OTTER recently joined) has just been published, outlining the ways to integrate Open Schooling into the existing curriculum 
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Barriers to outdoor education

Until now, we shared with our readers some insights regarding the benefits and the competencies developed by the education outside the classroom approach.Now it's time to confront the barriers, obstacles, and challenges we might have to cope with when implementing such activities. 

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From “What” to “Why”: Pedagogical foundations and benefits of Education Outside the Classroom

Quality of education and equal access to education are fundamental pillars of our society. To cope with current challenges, such as school dropout, poverty and low proficiency in the 21st century skills, outdoor learning seems to be one of the “newest” solutions…. 

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Phenomenon-based learning, multidisciplinary study units and Education Outside the Classroom (EOC)

To deal with today's complex challenges, we must enable students to gain a holistic understanding of the world around them - and this is where phenomenon-based learning can make a difference.

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How can STEAM subjects connect to Education Outside the Classroom practices?

We, at OTTER, are interested in another layer of EOC practices – How EOC can help to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths subjects.
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Let’s talk about plastic! 10+1 ideas to teach about plastic outside of school

Can we imagine life without plastic? Think, for example, grocery bags, packing, prosthetics and medical supplies, or rocket nozzles. Plastic is everywhere, and it comes with a long and renowned history.

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