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OTTER Labs: Hungary

Students in Budapest deepened their knowledge of the animal world (and the danger plastic can pose to it) and explored water quality in their environment
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Barriers to outdoor education

Until now, we shared with our readers some insights regarding the benefits and the competencies developed by the education outside the classroom approach.Now it's time to confront the barriers, obstacles, and challenges we might have to cope with when implementing such activities. 

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OTTER Labs: Finland

Students in Tampere learn how to reduce waste by repurposing already-produced plastic items
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Unleashing the potential of Open Schooling: Insights from an event on Innovating European Education

Representatives from our team had the opportunity to attend an Open Schooling event organised by the European Commission

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OTTER Labs: Ireland

Students in Limerick engage in outside the classroom activities and learn about the ways the world works and how they can improve it by pursuing careers in STEAM 
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OTTER Labs: Spain - Mare de Deu Montserrat school

Students from Montserrat, close to Barcelona, took part in activities outside that boosted their knowledge of plastic waste and challenged them to come up with solutions
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