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A new collaboration was born! This month OTTER met with its sister-project Surrounded by Science (SbS), with whom we found many ways of collaborating together. But before getting there, let us tell you what SbS is about.

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UL organized an Education Outside the Classroom webinar

This week saw the introduction of Education Outside the Classroom to pre-service teachers in the University of Limerick.
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The OTTER Team meets in Budapest

After one year of online collaboration, the OTTER team holds first in-person meeting in Budapest, discussing the project's progress and future milestones (and having a blast!)
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Education Outside the Classroom - The Finnish way!

Finland has a long tradition in Education Outside Classroom (EOC), an approach often characterized by curriculum-based educational activities practiced outside the school buildings, in natural (e.g., a park or forest) or cultural (e.g., a museum or library) settings.
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Why should our kids learn science?

10 reasons why science learning is still powerful in the age of smartphones and Google
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The Principles of Education Outside the Classroom

Discover the key concepts and values that make Education Outside the Classroom a fantastic approach to science learning

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