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Welcome to our community! We are very glad to have you here for the very first issue of the OTTER newsletter.

OTTER is a journey we embarked on in September 2021. Eight organisations from different regions of Europe joined forces to work on a common goal: making our world a better place, through education.

And not just any type of education! What we focus on is promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) learning in outside-the-classroom settings, where young students can discover the beauty and applicability of science in our day-to-day lives, free from the constraints of a traditional classroom. This being said, we are also aware of the current global issues, which is why we set an additional goal: to promote the reduction of plastic waste.

If you are passionate about education outside the classroom and are an advocate for environmental protection, then this is the place for you!

What can you expect to find in our newsletter? The latest news regarding our project, recent developments in the area of Education Outside the Classroom, upcoming events, and more!

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Do you want to help shape the future of education together with expert educators from Finland, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, and more? Are you interested in Education Outside the Classroom and would like to share your ideas and experiences with your peers?

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2022 STEM Discovery Campaign
We are very happy to have joined the 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign, an initiative created by the European Schoolnet to highlight activities, careers, workshops, and studies in STEM!

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First Progress Meeting
After 6 months of hard work to kick-off the project, the OTTERs had their first Progress Meeting in March to discuss what has been done so far, curent activities, and future steps to be taken.

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Education Outside the Classroom
If you’re curious about the “why?” behind our project, the activities we’re working on developing, or you simply want to learn how Education Outside the Classroom can positively impact the wellbeing and cognitive abilities of children, then have a look at our introductory video.

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Education Outside the Classroom
Education Outside the Classroom methods have received a lot of buzz recently - but did you know that we have scientific proof of their benefits for kids’ skill formation and well being? Discover the top 10 benefits of Education Outside the Classroom.

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Interest in science
We need science to understand how our world works. But science is not always popular with school kids. We found a great list of all the reasons why we should strive to awaken young kids’ interest in science.

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Importance pf outdoor science
Outdoor lessons can significantly increase a kid’s motivation and engagement and school - and yet they are not nearly half as popular as they should be. Let's see why outdoor education is so important.

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Festival of the New European Bauhaus

We are very happy to share that OTTER will take part in the Festival of the New European Bauhaus! The event will reunite people from various fields to debate and exchange ideas on a wide range of topics: from science to art, from design to politics, and from architecture to technology. It will take place over four days in Brussels and online.

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