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It's only been a few months since we sent our last newsletter, but we feel that so much has happened in the meantime!

From building the foundation of our OTTER Hub and organising our first meeting with teachers and educators, to having our first in-person meeting within the team and joining an innovative movement that will shape the future of Europe, we have had a busy summer. But no effort is too much when it comes to making Education Outside the Classroom a reality in Europe!

And now we need your help! As we are currently working on the methodology that will guide and support the OTTER Labs, we would like teachers and educators to bring their contribution and share their thoughts and experiences with us! Only by working together and learning from each other, we can change the face of education. So - join our Hub and have your say!

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If you are passionate about education and you believe there are more ways to teach the next generations than within the traditional four walls, the OTTER Hub will be the ideal platform for you! The Hub is designed as a place where you can learn about our project's core methodology - Education Outside the Classroom, connect with fellow teachers and educators from all around Europe, discuss your experiences and struggles, and get inspired by your peers' success stories!

To join the Hub, all you have to do is fill in a short questionnaire that you can find here. You will then receive an email of confirmation and further details on how to join our sessions. Don't miss this opportunity!

Meeting in Budapest
On 20-21 September 2022, the OTTERs gathered in beautiful Budapest to reflect on recent achievements and establish the next steps, from further developing the Hub to launching the OTTER Labs in schools around Europe.

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The Finnish way
Finland is a powerhouse when it comes to education, with a world-renowned system that prioritises the student and their development. Learning Scoop, our Finnish partner, has shared some of the secrets behind Finland's success with us.

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Why should our kids learn science?
In an age where one can find the answers to most of their questions with a simple Google search on our smartphones, is there really a need to learn science? We strongly believe so - and we rounded up all our reasons that showcase the value of learning science and gaining scientific skills.

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European bauhaus
Back in June 2022, OTTER was among the selected projects to participate in the Festival of the New European Bauhaus in Brussels. For 3 days, our project was represented in the mobile exhibition that took place in key points around the city: Mont des Arts, Place de Brouckère, and Marché aux Poissons.

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Teach science outside
Education Outside the Classroom is aiming to make students more aware of how the world around them works and why science learning is not only relevant, but also incredibly exciting - if done right! We found an interesting article that emphasises the value of taking science outside the classroom and creating more engaging lessons for pupils!

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STEAM education and careers
With only 2 out of 5 scientists in the EU being women, there is an obvious need to make STEAM education more inclusive and encourage female students to pursue careers in these fields. As such, the European Commission launched a survey on a manifesto for gender-inclusive education and careers.

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The University of Limerick organized an Education Outside the Classroom webinar!

The Education Outside the Classroom in STEAM Webinar saw teachers from many different subjects such as; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Woodwork, Technology, Construction Studies, and Modern Languages all working together to investigate how EOC could be embedded into their practice. Read more here.

Education outside the classroom

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